A true friend in your pocket!

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A true friend in your pocket!

anuary 28, 2019
When it comes to our everyday carry, we've come a long way! People are more often paying with credit cards than cash and we bring our smartphone everywhere. This new way of use has led to a growing demand for a modern wallet, that is highly functional but at the same time slim and stylish.

Wallet-thinking taken to a new level!
Take the EXENTRI Wallet for instance. EXENTRI Wallet was created as an option for modern women and men looking for a minimalism wallet without compromising functionality. With six card compartments for as many cards as you can master and a separate section for notes and receipts, the EXENTRI Wallet is designed for storing your most important valuables with card access just a thumb flick away. Perfect when you want to free up space in your pocket and always have what you need.


The EXENTRI Wallet combines the best features from an ordinary credit card holder; small size, with the best features from the traditional wallet; storage of cash, business cards and receipts.

Quality materials
Our wallet is an item we use every single day. Therefore, it's important that the wallet have high quality, but at the same time is affordable. Good to know that the EXENTRI brand represents quality products. In fact, the wallets are made of quality materials - genuine cow hide leather, lined with nylon to optimize the cards sliding movement and a stainless steel lock.
EXENTRI Wallet will be a true friend in your pocket for years!

RFID block
Also, the EXENTRI Wallet contains a RFID blocking material that shields the cards from illegal scanning and data theft (tested by Euro Lab for International Transaction Technology). Today most modern cards contain a chip and antenna for wireless communication. Yes, these RFID or NFC cards increase convenience, but at the same time hackers can potentially steal your information.
So why not keep your data safe and look good doing it!

More than 1,5 million men and women all over the world have already bought an EXENTRI Wallet.

If you also want to carry less, but at the same time always have what you need:

EXENTRI will be the perfect wallet for you!
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